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  • Who will inherit the earth?
  • What will be in your future?
  • Where are the best websites and articles?

I will answer these questions now.

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Positive people will inherit the earth. A person who is positive can live in a different world than a negative person. Each person is within their own dimension of existence.

Those who can learn metaphysics and grow will break free of all limitations and ignorance. The rapid learning curve generated by internet access around the world is revealing solutions to age old problems. The great myth of modern man is becoming apparent. Click here to read more.


You do not have to experience the same reality as the rest of the world.

Positive people who can manifest new realities will attune themselves to different lines of probability than those who focus on what is wrong with life and other people. Positive people will attract similar positive people and vice-versa so that we create unique realities.

The physical world is a shared platform on which we interact with others. We do this while in our own reality. We also share different platforms depending on the mainstream future we are aligned with.

People live in areas of like-minded others where the alignment with probable futures is usually in agreement. If you move to another part of the country or world it is because you are choosing a new probable future and want to be with other who are also moving in the direction you are.

There are probabilities in which climate change leads to extreme warming. Those who do not want to be a part of this probability can choose another. If you can envision earth as a clean and beautiful place, do so vividly. Mental images are made of the same stuff as matter. As you build in the direction of a clean earth you are increasing the percent probability you will enter that probability.


A website article.

What you expect and focus on determines what you will experience at some point in your future. What do you envision for the future? The picture that forms in your mind is likely to be your reality, give or take a bit, unless you change your thinking.

Other factors play a role also. If you read other material on this site, you know that you are your inner self who makes choices on other inner levels of consciousness. Here you choose between probabilities.



There are many probable futures and all of them will become physical. Which probable future you enter depends on your dominant thoughts.

You cannot choose something that goes against the balance of your thoughts. We are here to learn to direct energy properly, and to do that we must experience the consequences of our focus and dominant thought patterns. This is true within all realities, your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your reality.

It is okay to watch disaster movies, but if you watch them all the time this can align you with that type of probability. Even if you don’t enter the type of probability depicted in the movie, the emotions and thoughts aroused can attract similar types of experience to you.

It is very important that you guide your thinking toward those eventualities which you desire to experience. You should also hold your emotional state on desired emotions and those emotions that match the kind of events you would like to experience.

If you want to see where you are going just look at what you are thinking and what you are feeling, and balance that with your beliefs about reality. If you believe man is destined to destroy the earth, then that belief is going to have a very strong effect on what you experience in your future.

However, if you imagine that  things are going well and people are learning, then at least you have a chance of  adverting that the dark future that could otherwise occur.

Events are usually not chosen until the last moment, so that if you are aligned with a dark probability, you can change the direction you are heading simply by changing your thinking.

To see where you are going just look at your thoughts.


Advanced Education.  Extensive Free Articles.  Metaphysics School. Humanitarian Initiative.  Advanced Metaphysical Books.  Consistent & Ahead of its Time.  Free Education.  Advancing Humanity.  Empower Yourself


You determine the kind of future you will experience

You can live by myth, or you can educate yourself here and make incredible strides in your life.

While most are overwhelmed by the growing problems in the world, a lesser yet growing percentage of the population are moving in a completely different direction. The media does not generally recognize those who are evolving psychically.

These are people who are able to accomplish with their minds what others must struggle to achieve. These are people who effortlessly manifest what they want and who more closely resembles the inner self.

We are evolving into what may seem like a magical spiritual-physical being by today’s standards. We could say, we are becoming a little bit more like gods who project their thoughts into matter.

We are also evolving from a limited problematic physical reality to an unlimited reality. That is to say, it is only just beginning to happen, and is only apparent if you know where to look.

Many of us will live in a different kind of world. This will be a reality based on love rather than fear, and one in which we are co-creators rather than victims. This is the beginning of the greatest human adventure in all of history.

We are momentarily poised on the threshold of an incredible evolutionary event. In the future I foresee, every day will be the adult’s version of a child’s Christmas morning.


There is still time! How to choose the best future for yourself and others. 




When we observe the political  problems in the U.S. we are witnessing a global paradigm shift. The division between democrats and republicans is not fundamentally a political phenomena.

This division reflects diverging overall worldviews in general. The world is splitting into two camps because of a civilization-wide paradigm-shift.

Metaphysics is expanding perception and awareness. The true role of the mind is becoming apparent. More and more people are realizing the importance of projecting positive energy, thoughts and emotions.

However, we also have another segment of the population which is pulling us back. The resulting rift and tension are increasingly apparent in U.S. politics where they are playing themselves out. Click here to read more.


Thank God it is over!



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