Do thoughts create reality? TRUTH & FACT: Thoughts ARE reality! Consciousness IS Reality



Do thoughts create reality? TRUTH & FACT: Thoughts ARE reality! Consciousness IS Reality

The proper question is not actually “do thoughts create reality?” IN TRUTH AND FACT OUR THOUGHTS ARE OUR REALITY! We call the physical world reality, but reality is our thoughts and consciousness. Thoughts and consciousness ARE our primary reality.

There is an important distinction to be made. We take it for granted that physical reality is the primary reality, and this is both an assumption and where we go wrong. Physical reality is a holographic projection of our thoughts. Physical reality is composed entirely of electromagnetic energy, but electromagnetic energy IS thought or consciousness.





It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.



Max Planck.

Max Planck, Nobel PrizeWinner: “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” — The Observer, 1/25/1931


Max Tegmark of MIT

Consciousness is a State of Matter: MIT



The evidence that consciousness creates matter is right in front of us

An explanation of how consciousness creates matter is inherent in wave-particle duality. The concept of an alive universe, a universe entirely composed of consciousness, is supported by the greatest scientific discovery of all time.

In his 1924 Ph.D. thesis and groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory, Nobel Prize winner, Louis de Broglie postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.


De Broglie’s wave–particle duality is extended to all particles and the laws of nature. This tells us that everything has a wave aspect.


The next question is: “Does matter form the wave or does the wave form matter? It is pretty obvious what the answer is.


Does the Wave Create Matter or Does Matter Create the Wave?

  • Your body’s motion does not create the idea to move.
  • As all acts are preceded by an intent, be it on a conscious or subconscious level, all actions which form events are a result of information within the wave. 
  • Even the components of cells which continually replace their parts, do so according to the intent of the subconscious body consciousness.
  • The complexity and order of your cells replacing their parts is not a haphazard, chance creation. In the same way, all matter is a result of the information that forms and composes the wave.
  • The entire body has a nonphysical form that creates the physical body. The conscious energy of which the body is composed creates the physical body.


De Broglie was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1929.

His 1924 thesis (Research on the Theory of the Quanta) based on the work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein on light, resulted in the de Broglie hypothesis that any moving particle or object had an associated wave. De Broglie thus created a new field in physics, or wave mechanics, uniting the physics of energy (wave) and matter (particle).

De Broglie developed a causal explanation of wave mechanics, which was refined by David Bohm in the 1950s. The theory has since been known as the De Broglie–Bohm theory. His theory was supported by Einstein, and confirmed by G P Thomson, Davisson, Germer and Schrödinger.


These theories are tested and proven to be facts. We know that quantum mechanics is correct because the mathematical algorithms are consistently relied upon in scientific applications and to build advanced scientific devices that work amazingly well.


In reality, nothing is solid

  • Physicists know that nothing is solid.
  • Solidity is a result of how our five senses react to non-solid energy.
  • If we can’t pass through energy, we consider it solid, and so it functions as a solid in practical terms, but regardless of the fact that nothing is truly solid.
  • All physical matter is composed of fields of energy.
  • There is no duration to matter, it is continually generated in the same way light is when you turn a light switch on.
  • Conscious Energy Units (CEUs) form matter in the same way photons form light. Both travel at the speed of light.
  • Fields form matter.


What is a field or wave of energy?

Reality is composed of non-solid fields of electrical energy. Waves are disturbances in those fields. Waves are the closest we get to particles, but truth be said, there are no particles because waves are just energy moving around. That energy, however, is filled with information.

The wave-aspect of anything in nature is an energy field that contains huge amounts of information.

What is a thought but an energy field containing information?

Both waves of matter and thoughts are electromagnetic energy. Matter and waves are the same thing. The facts are right in front of us.


All of this is leading to a new paradigm, the paradigm I have lived by for almost 50 years

When we look at a tree we don’t see the roots, but we know a tree has roots. The same principle holds true for you. You are not just a machine hanging in the air with no inner source of nourishment.


Friend of Albert Einstein and author of “Quantum Physics,” the classic 1950’s university texbook, physicist David Bohm gives us a scientific paradigm that includes a source from which we get our substance and create events.


Even if it appears to be hidden from view, the inner portion of you exists as surely as trees have roots. You do not start running out of energy the day you are born. You are replenished with new energy and reborn and recreated continuously.







People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on fifteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

Matter is composed of the same substance as your thoughts.



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The findings of physics conflict with mainstream worldviews.



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It all opposes what parents, society, various disciplines, schools and mainstream media hold onto as the only truth they know.



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Materialism, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Freud’s psychology, most theories regarding human nature in mainstream psychology, and scientific thinking in general (ideas about time & space) are all incorrect and detrimental.



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Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.




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The substance of physical reality is thought or consciousness in a solid form like water in its solid form as ice. When you think thoughts, they continue to exist and on inner levels of consciousness they grow and evolve like everything in nature does. When a certain level of intensity is reached and when conditions permit, they coagulate into matter.

Can you see where I am going with this? The physical reality around you is thought energy. It is an electromagnetic reality that exists first as thoughts and other forms of consciousness such as emotion and mental images, and these thought-forms, when reaching a certain stage of natural development, become PHYSICAL reality.



Official Academia Does Not Know What Energy Is





Physical (secondary reality) verses electromagnetic or thought energy (primary reality)

Physical reality comes second, because it is a product of the former, the electromagnetic state of energy that forms everything. REALITY, therefore, is “Thought or consciousness.”



The problem of the misplaced sense of reality being physical reality rather than thought reality is explained by realizing the truth or true nature of reality. Because your thoughts create your reality your beliefs not only filter and create the reality you perceive, but in doing so they hypnotize you.



The collective consciousness is accustomed to granting physical reality as true or primary reality. This has not gone on forever, but only for about five to ten thousand years, and the evidence of that is in the historical record of Greek, Egyptian and other gods.



The human race has emphasized physical reality; and perception has followed where belief has gone. Thus, we have arrived at a state of perception in which we just do not see the rest of reality with our five senses. We see physical reality, but we have, in effect, trained our senses to narrow our perception to the physical reality which is a secondary reality. Our ancestors did not make that mistake.

One of the reasons for the recent emphasis of physical reality over the reality of consciousness is a deliberate decision on the part of physically-oriented consciousness to emphasize physical perception over the perception of inner reality. But also, because our physical sensations such as hunger and pain are so acute and intense that the process of giving more attention and merit to the physical has led to a natural focusing of our consciousness more and more on the physical and less and less on our inner primary state of multidimensional consciousness.

Civilization has been focused more on the physical since around the time when male gods were introduced.


Consciousness Shift 5000 + Years Ago


Tribes, cultures, nations and then civilization just started calling physical reality “reality,” and then the brainwashing was a fixed thing, at least for the majority is was.

There are always a few that will not be brainwashed or fooled.

David Bohm, friend of Einstein, and many prophets and all who have been able to see through the error of labeling PHYSICAL reality as reality, give us a science and tradition of truth and facts.



I have been studying this for so long that when I began it was considered insanity by many just to entertain these ideas. And the idea that consciousness was altruistic was the most insane of all the concepts I set out to convey to the world. Few scientists dared to study these subjects, but there as some, and I know which ones have integrity and do not distort the facts. Five decades of study will do that. But if you are in the wrong paradigm, your worldview will grow more misconceptions and you will be led further and further from understanding truth and fact as your live your life.



Realizing the reality of and TRUTH & FACT that your thoughts ARE reality, and that consciousness IS reality

Paradigm shift. Realizing the reality of and TRUTH & FACT that your thoughts ARE reality, and that consciousness IS reality triggers a psychological landslide of ideas that exist within your inner mind in a dormant state. The realization that your thoughts are reality brings with it a lot of advantages.

As you strike gold and realize that you create your physical reality, you are able to transcend concepts of limitation. Realizing that you create your reality with your thoughts means you have control over events because you create them with your thoughts.

Having a sense of power and control over physical events eliminates the sense of powerlessness and victim consciousness that underlies depression. Not only is it difficult for you to be depressed, when you understand that your thoughts create your reality you suddenly realize how problematic depressed or negative thoughts can be.

If you create your reality with your thoughts, you start wondering how negative thoughts and emotions effect your physical reality. And that is the hundred-million dollar question those who are on the journey of discovery are all asking.

That is why I believe that my 45 years of study of the subject has some value. There are multiple theories about negativity, but in general, what you believe exist is what you either maintain as a physical reality or create as a new experienced reality. Therefore, negative beliefs and thought are the big bad wolf in the new paradigm.

That can actually be a literal statement. If you were a poor peasant living in the black forest of Germany and you constantly thought about being attacked by a pack of wolves, and if you were very fearful, you could inadvertently create such an occurrence.

However, the nature of consciousness itself is positive, thankfully.  Consciousness is predisposed to developments that are positive. It is a bit easier to manifest positive event that benefit both yourself and others than it is to create a horrific experience such as being attacked or eaten by wolves.

It depends on which thoughts and emotions have more intensity, your purposes, expectations and also opportunity in physical reality for such an event. There needs to be a proper time and space slot, and all the other factors must point to this as a desirable event. In past generations consciousness was evicted quickly when your body was attacked, and sometimes there was a body consciousness that still struggled for a few minutes. No pain need to be involved, but usually is because of our attachment to the physical. But people chose to die or to get sick or whatever to create a temporary imbalance that sustains an overall balance and which brings learning experience we have on some level chosen. The reasons for any given event are many and are as diverse as consciousness itself, and can be something as simple as “we need to learn not to focus on what we do not want or fear it too strongly.”



There are other factors to consider that govern the materialization of events. No chance events occur. Everything has a reason, death especially. You do not die unless you have good reason to. To understand how this works you need to understand the way events are formed, and I have a number of articles that explain. But the main point is that you create events on an inner level just below the subconscious.

The subconscious is a neutral in-between zone where communications and translations between inner and outer physical reality occur. The real power you posses is not the power of the subconscious mind, but the power of the highly conscious inner mind. And this is where this paradigm gets good again.

You not only have and inner mind that you enter into in deep levels of sleep, but this is the primary multidimensional self that you are and who creates this life as a learning experience for fulfillment and fun.



Life is not a struggle in primary reality and the myths of evolution theory do not apply there at all. Everything is fun and cooperative, and this is truth and fact.

Explosive growth and exploration of all possibilities is the rule. Your thoughts and emotions here are like keywords in a supercomputer that trigger information and similar emotionally-coded data and probable events within an infinite inner reality that is not static but is always expanding in the same way your psychological reality does as you grow from a child to an adult. Worlds spiral out of every thought you have and then those worlds, being made of consciousness, create more worlds, and so on.

The truth and fact is that the inner self creates minds through which to perceive realities and hence gain experience and learn. We have five physically oriented senses that allow us to enter into and perceive physical reality. However, we all have inner senses that belong to basic or primary inner experience. For the conscious mind you currently experience as “you,” these inner sense have probably atrophied. When muscles are not used they shrink. And in this case the perceptual muscles have been shrinking ever since we all decided that reality was physical.

The remnants of the earlier more inclusive perception is in the books of early gods, and in the dormant knowledge coded in your consciousness like images coded in holographic film. It is all there waiting for you to discover it all and have a really good time in this an the many other dimensions that your are playing in within simultaneous time.



Do thoughts influence or create matter?

The world's most advanced and credible scientific evidence is right in front of us.

An explanation of how consciousness creates matter is inherent in wave-particle duality, the greatest scientific discovery of all time.

Thoughts-consciousness-creates-matter-BroglieIn his 1924 Ph.D. thesis and groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory, Nobel Prize winner, Louis de Broglie postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.

De Broglie’s wave–particle duality is extended to all particles and the laws of nature. 

Does matter form the wave or does the wave form matter? It is pretty obvious what the answer is.

  • Your body's motion does not create the idea to move.
  • As all acts are preceded by an intent, be it on a conscious or subconscious level, all actions which form events are a result of information within the wave.






Primary article concludes here.


William Eastwood at age 37

William Eastwood

"You create your own reality and you are always in control of what you create.  I have said this since I was 12: You select events—probabilities—according to your desires and assumptions.

"The central premise that consciousness creates reality dismantles most accumulated knowledge in all fields. This creates a situation in which many beliefs and institutions will need to change."

The author attributes his success to the application of these principles. He worked on inventions with Yale University Professor, Everett Barber, at age 13, has taken on the most powerful institution in the U.S. and has gone on to write ten books. William founded Earth Network of Altruistic Individuals, Inc. at age 37.



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45-year study: Citing the world's most credible science

If you believe in some kind of original substance creating the universe, there are certain common-sense conclusions that can be made. If the original substance were light, we could expect all further evolutions of light to be other forms of light. That is, whatever initially existed multiplied or evolved its own properties or constituents and could not create anything external to its own substance.

The original substance creates time and space, your environment, the events you experience and the objects you own. Nothing exists external to this substance. Everything you create is done by manipulating this substance.

If you follow this simple logical deduction, you too must be a portion of this original substance. There are no hierarchies of consciousness, but only the various intensities and colors of the one energy movement that is the original Consciousness. You are a portion of that original consciousness with all the abilities and characteristics of that original state that seeded all universes.

You are a creator.

Probabilities are infinite and a miracle to behold.


To be released in August, 2020.


The content above is taken from my new manifesting book.




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We do not generally think of official mainstream belief systems in the U.S. and our global civilization as being cult-like, yet they are to the extent that they take power away from the individual, creating dependence and weakness. Even worse, established systems try to control you because of their fundamental low evaluation of human nature.

Read more (goes to the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement) ....


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Within EARTH NETWORK (EN) websites you will find a body of knowledge that takes power away from ideologies that traditionally have controlled the populations of the world.

Here you will find knowledge that immediately gives you natural and good power, and affords you trust in your own self and judgment.

This scientific paradigm and philosophy found here invests the individual with the highest wisdom and integrity.

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Our civilization's conceptual evolution is finally moving beyond dependence on authority that enforces controls and promotes weakness of self, the basic definition of a cult. Learn of your power over events based on the scientific paradigm of Albert Einstein's friend, David Bohm.



A cult will tell you that you are sinful, broken, in error or weak.


Do thoughts create reality? TRUTH & FACT: Thoughts ARE reality! Consciousness IS Reality

© Copyright 2020, By: William Eastwood



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New paper published by Science Advances

“Science Advances” reports in November 2019, “The scientific method relies on facts…. In quantum mechanics the objectivity…”  continue reading

If you are not a scientist, this article in “The Conversation,” explains how each person creates their own facts.

CONCLUSION: Reality is subjective. However, the sciences are isolated in that other fields of science do not communicate well if at all with quantum physicists in order to come up with a consensus as to the true nature of reality. As a result, we live in a confused, disjointed world of myth that continues largely unchallenged. Other scientists in fields outside of physics and the world as a whole goes its merry way oblivious to the fact that they are organizing their thoughts and theories according to bygone science and myth. Other scientists, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, etc., base their work on classical physics and a toxic soup of materialism, Darwinistic and Freudian psychology, lineal time, cause and effect and other myths. The result is a confused world and civilization which has no consensus as to what reality really is. Who pays the price? We all suffer in our lives as a result.

Buy book.Get the facts at thoughts create matter. We create facts by what we believe, think and feel.

The scientific facts and proof that consciousness creates matter are right in front of us. Don’t rely on others, however, find out for yourself by applying and testing these concepts in your life.

Consciousness creates matter scientific proof & facts

To understand how  thoughts form matter and reality visit our home page. Don’t rely on others, however, find out for yourself by applying and testing these concepts in your life.

Do real wizards exist, and if so, can I learn how to become a real wizard?

When I was very young I used to fly around our family home in my astral body. And until the age of about ten I could focus on inanimate objects at night and will them into small animals that I would watch scurrying around my bedroom. Now I am helping to create a new future for humanity. If these achievements don’t make me a wizard, I don’t know what does.

Real wizards do exist and you can learn to become one.

William Eastwood’s early life experience and how to use your mind over matter mind power to manifest.

Physicist's have just now discoved what I've been saying for decades

We create our facts. I have based all my books on this knowledge.

Human nature is only untrustworthy when we base our civiliation the belief that it is. If we base our civilization on the idea that human nature is altruistic and good, then that will be the reality we create.

Scientific and philosophical reasons why the soul and all people are good and are altruistic inside.

See mind forms matter altruistic, autonomous philosophy and movement by William Eastwood.

You can become anything by believing you are already who and what you want to be, and it is far more truthful to say that you are altruistic than that you are unworthy or bad.

Quantum physics now tells us that reality is subjective. Like I said, we create facts by what we believe, think and feel, and every thought and emotion influences matter.

Our civilization's most cherished, seemingly ironclad law of cause and affect is a myth

There is no time as we know it. There is only a spacious present. Continuity is a result of consistency of thought. The past does not create the present. Reality is completely destroyed and recreated millions of times a second.

If you are convinced your past determines your present, then you are bound by what you perceive to be the ironclad law of cause and effect. You can and should escape the stifling confines of belief in cause and effect.

The content in my sites explain how.

See: Are time and space an illusion? Is this the only reality or do other parallel inner dimensions exist?

Top physicists know that thoughts create matter, but...

Top physicists know that the facts prove that consiousness creates matter, but the rest of us are slow to learn, including people who are highly educated in the old paradigm.

Do / can thoughts and consciousness create matter & reality, facts and proof, (TCM site). Don’t rely on others, however, find out for yourself by applying and testing these concepts in your life.

When we are educated and scripted in the false  scientific worldview of materialism, Darwinism and psychology, it can be difficult to escape the mass-hypnosis. But a lot of people are getting close to figuring it all out.

Consciousness and matter are electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

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