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Daily Affirmations & Metaphysical Guidance

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General advice about affirmations


Affirmations Posted Every Day

This is how you create the life you want




You command the power to immediately change events

The very moment you say an affirmation your reality begins changing. Use emotion and believe that what you are saying is an immediate reality. Do not underestimate your power to create what you want. Say these affirmations and your own.

This is one of the most important daily routines you can maintain in your life. Affirmations can redirect energy to improve your reality in any way you want things to change.

Embody Your Ideal & Your Power


You are the director of your life, and this is the way you direct and control what happens to you.

Fill yourself with the most positive thoughts, emotions and expectations possible. Center yourself in your most positive mental picture of the future.

Bring a sense of personal power into your body. Think thoughts of your ideal life as vividly as if they were happening now. Embody the ideal. Amplify it. Then repeat affirmations confirming it now exists as your reality.

Believe in yourself

Begin each day affirming your strength and integrity. Say your name proudly.

Choose affirmations you like and use them everyday to affirm the basics about yourself, your goals, integrity, ability, resolve, or for whatever is important to you!

  • My name is…………..
  • I create my reality and I do a good job of it.
  • I do not cower before the beliefs of our society.
  • I am a beautiful person of integrity and value, and my high council is myself.
  • I am a good person, I trust myself and I am my own authority!

Affirm every day that you are a creator, that you insist on the life you want, and that you will not doubt your abilities and integrity.

This is how you create the life you want to live.

EN: Helping you to create the life you want!

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What is the subconscious?

Orthodox definitions of the subconscious are false.

The subconscious is an intermediary zone. It is a neutral field where back-and-forth comunications take place between the conscious mind and the inner self.

If you repeat an affirmation, the subconscious will pass that information on to the inner self. The inner self will then take that information and create it in your daily reality.

SCIENTIFIC BASIS of a New Paradigm

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Today's Affirmations

  • My reality now dramatically improves.
  • Everything I am doing I am doing right.
  • Everything will now change for the better.
  • From now on I am going to do powerful affirmations every day.
  • I will do them right, with emotion & belief and I know I will get good results.
  • I feel absolutely fantastic today.
  • I feel great, and because my feelings create my reality, I am guaranteed a fantastic day.
  • I am a powerful person & I am a success.
  • I feel success inside, and what is on the inside manifests on the outside.
  • From now on I will feel great about myself & everything I do and accomplish.
  • My life is working now.
  • Everything I touch turns to gold.
  •  Good things are happening.

Today's Guidance

I sometimes experience resistance getting the day started off the right way. Often, before I even get out of bed I will attempt to get some positive thinking started on a variety of subjects. But because life is not always easy, my thoughts will often spin-off onto the subject of current problems, people and issues in my life that I would rather not think about. I will think of positive thought on something, but this. Will lead me to what is not working right in that area, or other problems in my life.

In this case,  my negative beliefs or doubts are telling me that the positive thought is unrealistic. Everyone has a belief system they must contend with, and doing so successfully is how you succeed.

In general, we should negate negative beliefs, and affirm the opposite. We can also analyze our negative and positive beliefs on any given issue, then come up with a more integrated and balanced perspective. We may come to the conclusion that the situation is neither as horrific or as fantastic as we thought, but somewhere in the middle.

Changing beliefs is often just a matter of emphasis. We should think about critical issues only while we are in a good mood. We should try to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Our self-talk should be a series of affirmations rather than a series of debilitating summaries and diagnostic conclusions that rip ourselves and others down.

Self-talk is typically just a train of statements of belief. This and that is so or not so. These mini-statements of belief are mental suggestion. Mental suggestion is what directs energy and creates your life.

If you make a suggestion, "I am making a lot of money," that may work well, and you may feel great for five minutes. But then suddenly you start to feel lousy and you realize you are now spinning out the opposite thoughts.

For every positive belief you have a negative belief, and at a certain point these negative beliefs will kick in to fight off their opponents. Beliefs have their own self-image and will fight like people do for their survival.

Positive beliefs are a threat to negative beliefs.

This is why  thinking positive, or saying affirmations can sometimes lead to negative thoughts and negative beliefs. Perhaps after you get out of bed in the morning and begin your positive thinking ritual, at some point negative thoughts kick in.

The intellectual rational mind has decided that what you are telling yourself is not true, but fantasy. Positive thoughts activated negative thoughts. Now you are attracting that rather than the good stuff you were affirming when you started. This is why positive thinking is not always as simple as it seems.

Do affirmations for as long as they work, but cease immediately if you go in the opposite direction in your thoughts and feelings. Learn your limits.

Affirmations need half a minute to trigger a good internal reaction, so try to affirm and outflow positive energy for at least this long. Beyond that amount of time, it is up to you how long you want to affirm.

The longer you are outflowing positive energy on one subject the more effective it is. Saying one affirmation for a minute and then a different one can reduce efficiency of any one affirmation, yet it can keep you a step ahead of negative beliefs and thus have more effect overall. Saying one affirmation and then another doesn't give your doubts on each affirmation time to kick in.

Focus on the battles you are winning.

One approach is to concentrate your affirmations on the subject of something that is currently making you feel good in your life. If you just got a raise you may be on a roll in this area. Keep affirming more is coming. When after a few days that is difficult to , just go on to the next thing. Maybe someone was kind to you. At that point you can say affirmations relating to your social life, how you are safe, or people like you.

I am just making suggestions. You have to find out what works best for you. Everyone has their own styles of thinking and doing things. It is a learning process. Discover what works for you and then use it.


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EN will help people solve their problems, achieve their goals and dreams, and will guide humanity into a far better future through free education that teaches the truth about reality.

If for some reason affirmations do not change every day, it is due to a situation beyond our control, in which case we apologize.

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You create your reality with your thoughts. You have an amazing opportunity to create anything you want in life.


What is emotional understanding?

Example of emotional understanding

The emotional bliss you experienced as a child was the result of emotional understanding. There are certain intuitive comprehensions built into your mind when you are born.

By about age five or six we tend to grow out of intuitive comprehension built into our consciousness, and into the beliefs of our society. We internalize the degrading and negative beliefs of society and this hinders us.

The objective should be to reacquire the intuitive intelligence you were born with. At a very early age you have an emotional connection with nature, an an emotional understanding of reality.

Nature & Characteristics of Consciousness

We are born in a state of grace, and possess love, trust and faith in the positive. We see the magic around us, and appreciate the beauty in everything.

We feel a connection to Nature and life, and we have a sense of power over our reality.

In early childhood until about age six, we intuitively sense that our thoughts influence reality and that we can control what happens to us.

Then as we grow older this emotional confidence erodes as our belief system changes. We adopt the beliefs of the adult world. We no longer feel safe.

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THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

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You can understand something intellectually but not emotionally. When something clicks, that’s emotional comprehension.

To manifest anything you have to understand it on an emotional level. You’ve been told that your beliefs create your reality. What you believe is made evident by what you feel. If you think you believe you deserve to be rich but don’t feel fully entitled to what you are asking for, the feeling is what tells you what you really believe inside.

Really feeling something to be true is what results in manifestation. Real knowing is followed by the feeling of knowing it is true.

Understanding anything on an intellectual level is an important and necessary preliminary. Real understanding, however, comes with emotional comprehension.

You cannot apply the principles of belief, thought & emotion manifestation with any significant level of success without a baseline emotional comprehension.

We have emotionally internalized the myth instead

The way we were told reality works, is that physical matter is detached, something apart from us and unresponsive to our desires and needs. As a result, we automatically process all information accordingly.

It is as if we are deeply cognizant of the “fact” that our thoughts and emotions do not form our reality, when in fact this is an emotionally-held hypnotic belief, or myth.

This  way of approaching life has been emotionally assimilated and it is our baseline approach. This must change if we are going to have any success with metaphysics.

A Quantum Leap is an emotional leap. It is the final factor needed; the emotional comprehension of an idea, principal or paradigm.

The beauty of Consciousness is reflected in the physical world

The way to change our baseline approach to life, is to study the metaphysical principles on an intellectual and emotional level, and then to deliberately replace the old paradigm with the new metaphysical truth.

When it all clicks emotionally, that is when it will really work in our lives.

This idea that our reality and other people are separate and apart from us is so deeply internalized that we have intellectually and emotionally lost a sense of control and power. Most people who are learning these concepts on my website have one foot in the mythical trance-like worldview held by the entire civilization, and one foot in the metaphysical worldview.

Most of us get it intellectually, but not emotionally. The emotional factor is where we go wrong. This is really just another way of saying that we don’t really believe what we say we do on an intellectual level.

This means that most people that are learning these concepts have a lot of beliefs that are in conflict. If you don’t want to be ineffective and divided like the majority, you must work on your belief system in order to assimilate the ideas intellectually and then emotionally.

Your objective should be to get to the point where you can make these principles  of manifestation work in your life. That is primarily an emotional accomplishment. That is one important reason why I am introducing video here that conveys emotional understanding.

Emotional knowledge

This site has a variety of stimuli to emotionally reinforce and contribute to what you are learning on an intellectual level.

I cover as many subjects as possible in my websites, and I include daily affirmations and guidance to help you learn on both an intellectual and emotional level, so that you can apply the principles successfully in your own life.

The purpose of all of this is to help you create the life you want.

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Global Earth Network International Education, William Eastwood, owner


Using affirmations to create events, metaphysics


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THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems

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Simply click on any rotating earth on this website at the top of every page. (Shown above and below.)

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Change your beliefs, Rainbow Bar

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