ARE PEOPLE GOOD? Scientific & Philosophical Reasons Why the Soul & All People Are Altruistic Inside

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You Are a Good Person: Facts Followed by Einstein’s View

Human nature is good

The bottom rung problem threatening civilization is that we do not believe human nature is good. This incorrect thinking gives rise to virtually all our other problems. Our religions have long ago contaminated our minds. Now our very senses and conceptual training forces bias views. We are not the garbage heap of the universe! We are good souls.

Even the most intellectual thinkers tell us man will destroy civilization. We are told people are spoilers of the planet, fools bound to destroy themselves. But if people are bound to destroy civilization what created it in the first place? What caused brother and brother, families and neighbors to come together to form civilization in the first place?

The natural characteristics of man created civilization. The natural love of family and others, the desire to come together and work for common good. The love of each other and immense creativity within man’s spirit is as strong as it was a million years ago and will be a million years in the future.

Human altruism and love are infinitely strong; and formed civilization in the first place.

You Are a Beautiful.  The Human Soul is Good.  The Spirit Is Altruistic.  Reasons Why the Soul & All People Are Altruistic Inside

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Where did we go wrong?

The ruler by which we create our reality

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Your mind and brain interpret and create reality through the values and paradigm of ancient religion and the worldview of Charles Darwin even if you don’t believe in either.

Unfortunately these are highly inaccurate and negative ideas that manifest social turmoil and crime, war and conflict. Personally they manifest psychological disorders, physical disease , addiction and inability to achieve goals and find happiness and satisfaction in life.

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All thinking and conclusions in all areas of modern thinking  are all based on a false science and a central premise that says man is bad or sinful, when instead the opposite is true. We are an incredibly good species and civilization and our potential for our future is unimaginable.

How is it possible to build a successful life on this faulty foundation? It is not. Even the most enlightened people have to turn around in their journey of self-realization and begin teaching others their goodness.

If human nature was inherently selfish, you wouldn’t feel the impulse to give a lost person directions. If the worst beliefs of science and religion were true, humanity would be in far more turmoil that we are now.

When you see a person in need, how do you feel? The way you react speaks clearly of your good nature.

You must be strong by believing in your strength. Ignore everything mainstream thinking tells us about human nature. Believe in yourself & trust yourself, your energy and your strength. Base your life on your strength and successes.

Darwin’s Evolution tells you that you are a flawed accident and religion tell you that you are sinful, and both have converged to give us the contemporary world. Don’t believe anyone who tells you something is wrong with you, or who leads you away from your own inner authority. You are a spiritual being of incredibly deep integrity and goodness.

Learn to acknowledge the beauty and miracle of what and who you are. The reality within you is magical, eternal, strong and triumphant. Your inner self is stronger than you can imagine, and you are your inner self. Trust yourself, who you are and your integrity. Anyone who tells you that you cannot trust yourself is a traitor. Believe in your own intuition, goodness and wisdom.

You are a portion of All-That-Is. You are a creator who creates realities. You are even now creating your reality with your thoughts and emotions.

Build a life based on your natural power and ability to succeed. Manifest the incredibly beautiful self that you are in all that you create in your life. Sense the miracle and beauty within you now. Be your best and believe in your ability to do that every day.

“What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right. “

— Einstein

False scientific worldview

We are all cut from the same fabric

In my studies of quantum physics, I have learned that everything in the universe, manifest and un-manifest, is part of a single unified energy movement. The lesson in this is that no matter how you slice the pie, the ingredients are the same.

If consciousness is good, everything, including yourself, is good, if that energy is bad, then all things are bad, including yourself.

The love we feel now and after death reveals the nature of this energy. Your heart will tell you the truth.

Believing people are good can help insure success

Believing people are basically good at the core, is a very powerful belief that can help you tremendously.

The belief that people are good is related to the belief that the universe is friendly.

Einstein tells us that believing the universe is friendly determines happiness in life

Why-I-am-a-good-person-150Einstein said there is one decision we make every day that determines whether or not we live a happy life.

“The most important decision we make,” Einstein said, “is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

Why believing people are good helps you

Whether we believe people are good (friendly and helpful) or not, is even more important than believing the universe is friendly. Because your beliefs form your reality, believing people are friendly and helpful may be the most beneficial belief you can hold.

Everything important comes through other people. Your job or career, your customers and profits, friendships and lovers.

If you don’t already firmly believe people are good, your life will have many voids. Kindness, friendship and opportunities will be in short supply.

Affirmations like, “people like me and I like people,” or “the universe is a friendly place and all the help and money I need is everywhere,” are what you should be telling yourself every day.

This is how you use the law of attraction and the law that beliefs create in the most intelligent and effective way possible.

Your worldview is your key to success. The firm conviction that people are good is the bedrock of a solid worldview. This core belief will insure a long, rich, fulfilling and thriving life.

It will certainly bring you love, friendship and happiness in life..

The power of your worldview

Cause and symptoms of depression

vbWhen we are depressed, the universe seems to be random and unsympathetic, even cruel. We become victims of everything.

Some people spend their entire lives holding this core belief, and they might not even be aware of it. They live as though they are victims to their circumstances.

The world, to them, is threatening and something to protect themselves from. Because their beliefs form their reality, this is what they manifest as their reality.

The solution is the same for everyone

Even if you don’t hold that belief, focusing on human goodness is one of the best things you can do with your free time.

If you want prosperity and happiness, consider how good people really are, yourself included.

HUMAN GOODNESS Philanthropy on the rise

Do you believe that you are a beautiful person?


You are a beautiful person, but what you believe is what is most important. You may not be completely convinced of your goodness because we do not always get the message from society that we are beautiful, good souls.

Sometimes we hold conflicting beliefs and are unaware of them. You may think you believe you are good, but still hold doubts in some areas. 

You may judge yourself negatively in certain areas. You may think certain tendencies are bad. You may punish yourself for what you believe to be inadequacies. Virtually everyone does it.

Even if you do not punish yourself consciously, it is common to have achievement ceilings related to one’s internal sense of how much they deserve.

All positive and negative beliefs manifest in experience and some will materialize in the body. Negative beliefs can manifest as illness, accidents and health issues.

Positive views of yourself, however, can manifest as health, exuberance and beauty.


This is why believing you are good is so important. And what you think about yourself is related to what you think about human nature in general.

If you think people are generally good, this is likely what you think about yourself, and vice-versa.

Your thoughts form your reality


Why don’t scientists believe thoughts form matter?

Many top physicists do know that mind forms matter. It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.

Max Planck.

Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”The Observer, 1/25/1931.

Max Tegmark of MIT

Click on the “Max Tegmark of MIT” button below to see current official confirmation from a respected physicist in the scientific community that matter is a state of consciousness.

Consciousness Is a State of Matter: Max Tegmark (MIT) Matter Wave

The official scientific establishment as a whole does not want to admit consciousness creates matter. There is a reason why.

Early scientific instruments could not measure consciousness or quantum activity. Scientists could not prove or disprove anything about consciousness, and so they eventually assumed consciousness had nothing to do with bottom-rung reality, without proving it did not. Eventually science as a whole took the official stance that consciousness had nothing to do with bedrock reality.

To go against the materialistic view that was adopted by the world is to threaten the entire worldview and authority of science.

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“Few realize mind forms matter because the worldview of educators, the legal and medical establishment, media and society, is based on the consensus that comes from the bias scientific establishment rather than individual physicists.


Myths that can hold you back

Thoughts-form-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-ships-215There are collective myths by which we interpret our reality. These myths are obstacles to creating what you want in life. The myths are given to us by experts because that is what they went to school to learn.

The only truth you will get from highly educated people comes from a few great intellectuals which the establishment won’t dare attack, like Einstein and Max Planck.

NOBEL PRIZE Winner's Findings What Does the ZERO POINT FIELD tell us?

Remove the great myths of modern man from your mind to more easily create what you want like dramatic financial windfalls.

There are collective myths by which we interpret our reality. These myths are obstacles to manifestation ability.

Remove the great myths of modern man from your mind to more easily create what you want like dramatic financial windfalls.


There is no such thing as cause and effect except as applied to psychological activity. The past does not create the present, your thoughts and emotions do.

Thoughts-form-matter-consciousness-creates-reality-0077-150Quantum mechanics tells us that the universe is not built out of physical electrons like bricks in a house, but instead is a continuing projection of energy like light coming out of a light bulb. Photons shoot by you at the speed of light. Your environment is created in the same way.

Each pulse of light creates a hologram we experience as the physical reality around us. Each pulse, however, is a complete recreation. The past does not create the present. The entire universe is recreated every fraction of a second, and it is a projection of your mind.

The past does not exist, only a spacious present exists and what you think is the past is a portion of the spacious present. Your present beliefs, thoughts and emotions regulate and control the content of each pulse that recreates the universe every fraction of a second.

Because of our belief in time and consistency of thought there is a consistency in what is projected. Our environment will change gradually as our thoughts do, and this gives us an impression of moving through time. This is a false notion, however.

To get back to the main point, when you free yourself of the myth of materialism you realize that anything can be created simply by changing your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. If you transcend the myth of physical cause and effect and replace it with the concept of thought projection in a spacious present your mind is twice as able to create a windfall.

You must free yourself from conceptions of time-space limitations to become free to manifest what you want

To create a windfall, change your belief system and dwell on thoughts and feelings of receiving a windfall..


There is no past or future, there is an infinite, spacious present. You draw probabilities out of this vast source of events by what you think and feel.

Cause and effect applies only to inner subjective activity. Your thoughts are the cause, and your life is the effect. Change your thinking and you change your life. METAPHYSICAL BOOKS

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Human goodness is real

Human goodness is real, and it is the most important thing to believe. Believing you are good is going to lead to good health, happiness and satisfaction in life.

Anyone who believes otherwise may suffer greatly in life. If a person or society thinks human nature is flawed, many negative beliefs can be created as a result of that belief.

Our civilization is based on a firm belief in the unreliability of human nature. This is why we have excessive laws and regulations. You are not trusted to do what is right.

Personally, these negative beliefs can manifest in a variety of ways. But if you believe firmly in your goodness you will allow yourself to have a good life. If your beliefs and thoughts are mostly positive, life can be an unending joyful adventure.

Photo by: Hendrik Morkel.

What Does the ZERO POINT FIELD tell us?

What-is-zero-point-field-energy-matter-creation-process-80Zero Point Field energy is consciousness emerging as matter..

Virtual particles appear mysteriously out of an unknown dimension.

Elusive, nonmaterial electromagnetic energies come from an unknown source dimension and influence and form the matter of the universe and then vanish as mysteriously as they appeared and all within a fraction of a second.

Scientists do not know what these energies are or where they come from, nor do they even know what in essence, electromagnetic energy is.

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Other sites

The articles within these three sites and this site provide accurate information that is consistent within all four sites. They are meant to be used together.

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You do not have to be religious to understand the children of God concept.





POWERFUL BELIEFS In your worldview?


Anything is possible. Create your dreams. Start today. need to wake-up within the dream, and enter our true life.



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ARE PEOPLE GOOD? Scientific & Philosophical Reasons Why Soul & All People Are Altruistic Inside

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ARE PEOPLE GOOD? Scientific & Philosophical Reasons Why Soul & All People Are Altruistic Inside

In my studies of quantum physics, I have learned that everything in the universe, manifest and un-manifest, is part of a single unified energy movement. The lesson in this is that no matter how you slice the pie, the ingredients are the same.

If consciousness is good, everything, including yourself, is good, if that energy is bad, then all things are bad, including yourself.


Civilization's progress depends on the realization that consciousness creates matter.


A Positive Mind & Emotions Create Positive Events.

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