“Because of the abundance of scientific evidence backing the benefits of mind-body techniques, many of the approaches are now considered mainstream,” says Steven Novella,  Assistant Professor of Neurology at Yale. After quickly describing the many mind-body medicine therapies 17% of Americans, or 34 million adults are using, I will offer you something even better. 

Mind/Body Medicine refers to the interaction between the mind, body and spirit and how emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors together can affect health. Mind-body interventions include guided imagery, guided meditation, hypnosis, prayer, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, yoga, touch/energy therapy (massage which affects the magnetic field around the body) and even art therapy. The mind-body connection means that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. Our mind can affect how healthy our bodies are. A mind body therapist promotes healing on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Some mind body therapies support the healing power of nature, and recognize the body’s inherent ability to heal itself when it is given proper guidance and support. Mind body practitioners look at the physical, emotional, mental, environmental, and genetic factors when addressing acute and chronic illnesses or identifying risk factors that could lead to future health problems. Stress, for example, can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Thoughts Create Your Reality: Your Consciousness Create Your Reality.

Mind body specialists teach their patients how to make conscious lifestyle choices, giving them the confidence they need to reach and maintain an optimal state of health.

The effectiveness of mind body alternatives have been recognized by science because their effectiveness is undeniable. They are effective because some of them address the actual causes. Mind body alternatives recognize the connection between the mind and body.

Traditional medicine can eradicate a symptom but cannot cure the underlying cause of a symptom. A symptom is any illness, disease, virus or physical condition. A cause is within our own beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Change the state of the psyche and the body must reflect the change because the body is a manifestation of your psyche.

When doctors or medical experts claim that they have healed a patient or cured a disease they have only erased an aftereffect. Until the underlying problem is addressed the patient with the disease that seems to be gone will simply get another disease or manifest the underlying problem in another way. If they THINK they are healed, BELIEVE in the Doctor or in some other way change THE THINKING that caused the illness then they may remain cured of the inner problem and its manifestation in the body.

Eight Million (24%) of those who use mind body alternatives have anxiety/depression. Depression and mental illness are widespread because Western thinking in general does not understand the importance of our thoughts and emotions. There is no need for anyone to be depressed or ill.  

Quantum physics shows us that the body is energy, and that energy is a projection of our own spirit that is shaped into form by our own thoughts and emotions. To heal an underlying cause of a symptom permanently, we must change the state of our consciousness.

If you would like to see the science supporting the paradigm on which this is based, click here to go to a blog in our other site.

You can begin immediately to apply the new paradigm. You cannot help but think and feel. To proceed, simply become aware of what you are thinking. Whatever you are telling yourself is true in your head is what you are in the moment creating. Mind chatter that goes on constantly is suggestion. Suggestion is a placebo. Suggestion is what forms reality. We create our lives through mental suggestion. If you are telling yourself something is true, and you do not want it, you have to change what you are telling yourself is true in your head. There are techniques to learn to do this. You can change beliefs incrementally or you can use visualization techniques to dissolve the entire negative energy of a problem belief.

There are many books on changing beliefs, including my own. Manifesting and true healing is a science and an art. It is not a science and an art in the eyes of the unenlightened.


If you are looking for more specific information on health issues you want to overcome, you may not be fully understanding the simplicity of ease of applying this powerful philosophy. You can apply these simple principles without specific or complex professional diagnosis. A labeling of a symptom, in fact, is a way of validating and reinforcing the existence of a problem.

Using beliefs, thoughts and feelings to solve problems and heal requires a different skill-set than most of us are accustomed to. It requires thinking  that at times will run directly contrary to our training. What we were taught is the logical approach tells us to focus on the problem, but that is the least logical thing to do.

In Western medicine’s paradigm, a virus, disorder or illness is seen as being a kind of miniature creature attacking us. The idea is that we are victims of an objective physical invasion that happens on its own, or because we happened to be exposed to it in our environment. In all cases it is seen as being something independent of our thoughts with its own will to do us harm. This is the paradigm of competitive hostile life forms pitted against one another.

If you are used to looking at things being one way for a long time it can be difficult to see them another way. Nothing happens that we have not in some way attracted, chosen or manifested. We are not attacked by anything. When we come in contact with a “germ” it is a probable event that we formed out of energy. The germ is part of us that is serving us by reflecting our belief or psychological state. It is a way of flagging us as to an error in our psychology or belief. The problem can be a manifestation of an attitude, a specific belief, (there are millions of possible beliefs ) or negative feelings or stress from improper focus, etc. The energy in all its aspects is manifesting a physical representation of the energy of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, of the psychological drama within. We are manifesting what we believe is happening.

As previously mentioned, using beliefs, thoughts and feelings to solve problems and heal requires a different skill-set than most of us are accustomed to. Our training tells us what is logical. It is difficult to escape that. We are told to focus on the problem, but that is the least logical thing to do. The paradigm I am explaining is so simple and easy to apply, it is easy to miss the point. Do you know how to believe in something without needing evidence? Can you believe in a result before it is achieved? Do you have faith in life or people? These are the tools of healing you want to develop. These are psychological talents we can develop through intention, practice and repetition. You can intend healing, you can will healing, you can picture healthy activities, you can visualize what you want, you can assume all is well, you can expect the best, you can believe in your healing abilities, and the list goes on.

Like any skill, we do not expect it to be fully developed when we start, especially if a new way of thinking is required.

YOU CAN USE THESE PRINCIPLES TO ADDRESS ANY ISSUE OR HEALTH PROBLEM. You can use what is suggested here in addition to other methods you are accustomed to. There are many measures you can take to create perfect health and the life you want. Understanding the new paradigm will lead you to a new world of true health and healing, please continue to investigate.


© Copyright 2017, BY: William Eastwood

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Thoughts form reality


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