We need joy, love & abundance, not hate

Beauty depicts the characteristics of Consciousness and Human Nature

We need more joy and free love to survive personally and as a species

To change our lives we need an explosion of love, joy and creativity. We need an influx of pleasure, and to just stop doing it if it’s not fun.

We don’t need more work. We need a back-to-nature movement, and we need need to embrace all expressions of love. We need to become a more loving species. This is imperative. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Struggle and strain are no good. That is what we have now, too much work, too much hardship and too much struggle.


But, to create anything it is necessary to embody it in our imagination, thoughts and feelings. We must create it first inside us or it will never happen. You have to be willing to shift your attention, thoughts and focus to that which you want to create.

Materialize Lots of Money

If you do not make a shift in your thoughts, emotions and imagination in order to create a focus on what you want, nothing will happen, nothing will change and your life will remain the same.

The collective dream is wrong, it is a lie. As a species we are moving away from love and affection. We do not trust who we are. This has to change now. The way to make it change, is to make the change internally.

Why the World Lacks Love The Problem and Solution

You must change yourself first, and then your life will change. When enough people do this, the world will have changed for the better. This may be easier to do than you think. All you need to do is have a willingness to shift your focus to what you want to create, to your authentic self, to what you love most.

You can then create the best self you can be, and live an amazing life!

Forget what other people want you to be or do. You must insist on being the best self you can be, your real self, the self you came here to be.

Nothing Can Stop You

Bring More Kindness & Love to the World

Consciousness Shift Five Thousand + Years Ago

The Human Psyche is Male & Female