How do thoughts form matter?

Thoughts form matter in the same way water forms into ice

The physical world is a projection of thought energy. The events in your life are what leading physicists call a holographic projection. A hologram is a three-dimensional image like a dream. The way your thoughts create this hologram is through a long process involving many thoughts and the laws that dictate how they develop and form into matter.

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How do thoughts form matter?

Thoughts are energy which continues to exist. Thoughts combine with similar thoughts on inner levels. These turn into probable events which contain the impetus and pattern necessary to evolve into the complexity of matter.

Once sufficient intensity is achieved and certain requirements met, selected probable events manifest as ordinary events.

The balance of your thoughts, intentions, expectations, and those areas where you are focused or deeply emotionally involved will materialize as dominant areas of experience.

Thoughts trigger a universal algorithm

Thoughts are energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Thoughts form Consciousness Energy Units (CEU’s). Like seeds, CEU’s possess their own impetus for growth and materialization. CEU’s continue to exist and pass through inner levels of consciousness to form pre-matter within and below the subconscious.

On the deepest level, CEU’s activate a universal algorithm that exists in all consciousness. When sufficient energy is accumulated, CEU’s form into matter according to the pattern your originating thought-forms have imbued them with.