Our civilization is based on distrust of human nature

I have lived my entire life according to the deepest metaphysical principles. All nature is alive, and everything is conscious and good. The soul of all that exists is eternal and benign.

Western man, however, has denied the passionate and wise soul. The paradigm (waking dream) of Western man blinds him  to the beauty and goodness within nature and  within himself. For this reason,  traditional man bullies others and destroys nature.

The heart and soul of man is beautiful.  It is inconceivable to me to consider it to be evil. It is only the belief that some people are evil that leads to evil-like effects.

Degradation and criminalization are the same thing. Laws are just state-sponsored bullying. We can criminalize a behavior in order to harm people, but please don’t say that person is a bad person.

Behavior may be twisted, thinking maybe “bad,” but those errors are a result of incorrect belief systems. Ironically those beliefs systems are reinforced by the very institutions that punish.

All the problems in our world, from overbearing governments to economic struggling, crime, war and strife, are a result of an inherent distrust of human nature. This is the faulty core belief by which we create our reality, personally and collectively. Remove this false belief, and we solve all our problems, personally and collectively.

If you read some of my other articles, I go to the very core of this problem, explaining why a  shift in humanity’s consciousness occurred 5000 years ago, and how that has led to our incorrect values.

If you don’t understand why this development occurred over 5000 years ago, you really can’t understand anything about anything. This is the problem with our current education systems and official mainstream thinking, we don’t understand diddly-squat.

Consciousness Shift Five Thousand + Years Ago

In short,  an emphasis on what I call male characteristics has evolved all our problems for 5000 years. Although an assertive, outward focused consciousness has developed modern technology and its many benefits, it has also led to many problems that cannot be solved unless we become aware once again of our source and true nature. Once that happens we can create a paradise on earth, comparatively speaking.

Our ways must change or we will not survive. This applies to every person personally, and to the species as a whole.

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