Government interference

I am trying to solve the world’s problems, and certain elements in the government are at times doing everything they can to stop me. What’s wrong with this picture?

The government tends to represent the beliefs and values of past generations, and only the majority view. That majority view is mechanistic and entrenched in Darwinism. It is very negative. It is very dysfunctional. But is not the government’s fault because we elect the government.

Our civilization is based on distrust of human nature, and therefore the government feels its purpose is to control it. However, the problem is the belief itself.

When we do not trust we become untrustworthy. When we hate we do things that cause others to hate us. When we see negative in the world we become like bullies and demons and do evil things.

There really is no evil, there is only ignorance. Ignorance produces the evil-like effects we then manifest and hence see in the world.

But all the suffering in the world is meant to do one thing, and that is to teach us not to suffer.

When we base our civilization on the idea that we are a good species, all of that will change and we will enter a new and beautiful period. This will be something far beyond what we have now.