How do I create love, beauty, happiness, peace, creativity & all good things?

The Solution

We are unknowingly creating a counterfeit human being, ineffective institutions, a destructive social reality, and we lack an understanding of how we create our reality.


We are born as our pure inner self I call the Godling, with its many powers and positive propensities. The Godling naturally radiates  mental sunshine and spreads it throughout society. The Godling trusts their own goodness, and has great expectations.

You Are a Beautiful Person

Your Authentic Human Nature

Godling propensities will bring about an ideal civilization. The Godling, however, is destroyed by domestication and replaced with the parasite and its negative self-definition and view of human nature.

ignorant-ogre-95The parasite degrades others and spreads emotional poison. This is civilization’s current destructive dilemma.

Separation from our inner knowledge and source, which began 5000 years, is the cause of everything from relationship problems to school shootings.