Why is Ocean Water Rising? Reason for Sea Level Rise, Climate Change & Global Warming

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Logo-128Why is Ocean Water Rising? Reason for Sea Level Rise, Climate Change & Global Warming

The Oceans Are Rising Because of Deeper Reasons

Part two: Causes in Human Psychology.

The High Rate of Global Warming

why-is-ocean-water-rising-reason-for-sea-level-rise-climate-change-1a-420Earth’s rate of global warming is equal to about 500,000 hiroshima bombs a day. (Based on a 400,000 estimate in 2013.)

We use the Earth’s atmosphere as if it were a personal dumpster for our toxic waste. All the world’s nations combined are dumping over 38 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year. Donald Trump, who says there is no problem, is a symptom of the underlying deeper reason why we are destroying our planet that I will explore later in the article.

Projections and Mass Migrations

The rate at which ocean water is rising is more than environmentalists expected. People are not yet moving out of Florida, but in some areas of the US property values are not rising as fast for areas prone to flooding.

In other countries, however, migrations have already begun. Entire populations are on the move.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s most recent worst-case estimates call for a 2-foot sea level rise by 2060 and more than 6 feet by 2100.

Dramatic changes will sweep civilization


What Are the Projections for Sea Level Rise?

The rate of sea level rise is doubling every seven years. Florida will be gone by the end of the century.

Try to imagine relocating the entire state of Florida.

Future forecasts for climate change induced migration vary from 25 million to 1 billion environmental migrants by 2050, moving either within their countries or across borders, on a permanent or temporary basis.

global-warming-underlying-reasons-mass-migrations-303Be reminded, that this would only represent the beginning. The further into a warming event we go the less likely we can reverse it. Warming events can lead to 15-foot sea level rise or more. Since the world’s highest populations and economic hubs are on coastal areas, the effect could be more than developing countries can contend with.

Climate change is expected to cause extreme weather events, sea-level rise and acceleration of environmental degradation. This will trigger growing population movements within and across borders. Climate change will have adverse consequences for livelihoods, public health, food security, and water availability.

This in turn will impact developed countries economically, overextending their capacity to respond and triggering global conflicts and exoduses.


What We Are Witnessing

Greenland is currently calving chunks of ice so massive they produce earthquakes up to six and seven on the Richter scale. There was not much noticeable ice melt in the previous century. But now it accelerates every year, exceeding all predictions.

In Florida the Speed of Sea Level Rise Has Tripled. Although the sea has only risen by 8 inches since 1950, it is now rising by 1 inch every 3 years, its speed of rise having accelerated over the last ten years.

Level of rise is accelerated by sinking land and expanding water, hence these varied projections from region to region.

Scientific records of geologic history indicate that when sea levels have risen in the past, they have usually not done so gradually, but rather in rapid surges, jumping as much as 50 feet over a short three centuries. Scientists call these events “meltwater pulses”

warming-reasons-mass-migrations-199Cities along the U.S. coast and worldwide are locked into a doomsday downward spiral.

With the inevitable rise of ocean water large populations will soon be forced to migrate. This will be a matter of immediate survival. This will occur after multiple storms create economic disasters far worse than anything we have witnessed in the past.

reasons-for-mass-migrations-2a-250The simple facts do not look good. The majority of the world’s population live in coastal cities that will eventually be flooded.  Disaster relief and infrastructure collapse will cost more than governments can afford. The destruction of property and loss of wealth will create poverty and mass migrations. The quality of life will fall. Tensions and violence will rise.

President Trump Denies Global Warming

why-is-ocean-water-rising-sea-274He says climate change is a “hoax,” and is “stupid.” He is doing all he can to get America to burn more coal, and drive smog generating cars while using less renewable sources of energy. Besides pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change in accordance with his America First policy, the Trump administration has so far initiated the reversal of 67 environmental laws.

What Can Be Done?

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