The divided human psyche is the cause of violence, bias, relationship failure and war

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How we can stop hatred, division, Prejudice, bias, decoration Thomas school shootings, public violence in America

Because of cultural directives, the psyche is divided in adolescence. Males develop the acceptable set of psychological characteristics designated as male in our culture. Females develop the acceptable set of characteristics designated as female in our culture.

This division in psychological characteristics, began approximately 5000 years ago. The race set out to develop a new type of ego consciousness. This has been achieved, and now it is far over done, and as a result there is a very real and present danger.

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What is stopping our evolution?

Males sometimes become jealous of the characteristics females so easily express, and vice versa. This is, in part, because both sexes have those qualities considered natural to the opposite sex but they are undeveloped. They are therefore drawn to it, in hopes of getting some of it to somehow complete themselves.

Males may be attracted to those psychological qualities labeled female, and females may be attracted to those qualities labeled male. But this is not because those qualities are opposites but because they are denied in each sex. It is therefore a dysfunctional relationship that creates antagonisms in fighting between the sexes.

It is not a relationship based on two complete people who appreciate each other. Rather, it is an obsessive attraction to what has been unnaturally denied. It is a grasping relationship. And it is unhealthy.

The half developed, divided psyche

This may be over simplified, but is it is as if we are half-people. The majority who are in this category may be trying to complete themselves  by marrying someone who expresses the half of us that we have denied since early adolescence.

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