THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: The William Eastwood True Story

Holographic reality is explained by William Eastwood

Thoughts can and do form matter science

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THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: The William Eastwood True Story

  • What is the holographic universe?
  • What is the William Eastwood True Story?

I will answer these questions now.


What is the holographic universe?

The reality around you is a projection of the mind, brain and five senses. This science comes from David Bohm. Bohm was a friend and colleague of Albert Einstein. Einstein called Bohm a “kindred spirit.”

The holographic universe is the reality you are in. The mind projects reality through the brain and five senses. This scientific paradigm has its origins in the findings of a group of leading 20th century scientists.

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Your mind, brain and five senses project your reality. I discovered this in the 1970’s, years before Bohm published Wholeness and the Implicate Order” in 1980.

A conflict arose between the U.S. government and Bohm, and something similar happened to me. Despite Einstein helping Bohm to stay at Princeton, Bohm was forced to leave the U.S.  This kind of situation is not uncommon.

Despite Einstein imploring Princeton to keep Bohm as a university professor at Princeton, Bohm was forced to leave the U.S. As a result he became immensely successful and internationally acclaimed as the 20th century’s most influential quantum physicist.

Bohm’s conflict.

More has been held back

Eastwood’s new book.

In his recently published book, THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE  —Journey Out of the Illusion,” Eastwood explains:

“Einstein’s colleague and a group of leading physicists made a discovery that was never properly conveyed to the public. It was too profound to be accepted in the mainstream and threatened the elite. As a result, we were not made aware of this discovery and the inevitable implications it had for civilization itself.

Specifically, it takes power away from those who hold it over others and invests the common man with power and control over his destiny.”

— William Eastwood

What is the William Eastwood True Story?

What is the William Eastwood true story? Portions are below and more recent portions can be found here, and in this book.


The story begins a long time ago

At age seven I told my best friend “If you do good things, good things will happen to you.” and then as we did something very, very good, the best thing that could happen to a seven-year-old, happened! 

USA in 1971

How to manifest treasure. Learn from William Eastwood.
W.E. at age 7.

When I was seven I collected garbage along a road with my friend. I told my best friendIf you do good things, good things will happen to you.As I stomped the trash in the ground, I asked him to hand me a stone from an old 18th century stonewall to put on top of the trash. After placing the stone on the trash, I turned around and there were coins everywhere! The rock I had asked for had a treasure hidden behind it!


William Eastwood at age seven.

A website article.


USA in 1975

At age 12, William Eastwood said, “I can change the world,” and he picked up a pencil.

Less than a year later, William’s school counselor called Yale University.

William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
W. Eastwood Newspaper interview.

At age twelve I began studying metaphysics on how to manifest things with my mind. I used my mind to visualize being an inventor designing solar homes and doing great things for humanity. I then picked up a pencil and began drafting solar heated homes.

A year later I was on the entire front page of our local newspaper. My school counselor saw how committed I was and called Yale University. Before you know it I was working with a Yale professor on an invention at a private research facility.

By age 18 I had a contract with the American Supply Company. At the Capitol of the constitution state the eyes of the world were on me as I unveiled a full-scale model of my modular solar system at the annual energy exposition in Hartford Connecticut.


New science

While I was achieving all these goals in the public eye I was doing something else in private. I couldn’t tell most people what I was doing because they wouldn’t have believed me.

Read more…


A public record of Eastwood’s interview at age 16 is available here and is also documented as microfilm in the United States library system.


In a small town, five years later and beyond

After reducing U.S. fossil fuel dependence by age 18, I set out on a more important goal. I imagined myself in the future having achieved my mission to liberate humanity.

“The Dragon Slayer” was a fictional book with a nonfiction message.

As strange as this sounds, in a bizarre twist of events, fiction became fact when the content of this book became my actual life experience.  In a sudden unexpected turn of events my life was thrown into chaos, and I had nothing but my thoughts and wits to save me.

Something far more hideous than a fleshed-out dragon appeared. My thoughts saved me however, and I proved the concepts work.



A message conveyed in an original film.

William Eastwood dragon slayer film and book
A website article.


A website article.


A website article.


William Eastwood founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals Inc. in August of 2000.

The altruistic movement toward a world without borders by William Eastwood for Earth Network and all people website article.


William Eastwood is the author of C = Ef = M

A website article.


William Eastwood revolutionary new science introduction to an iconoclast
A website article.


CEU conscious energy unit new science William Eastwood thoughts create matter reality physical
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The Holographic universe. The William Eastwood true story.


According to Albert Einstein's colleague David Bohm, the mind projects the events we then perceive.


William Eastwood applied Bohm's science to test its ability to solve world problems and help people achieve their goals before Bohm even introduced Wholeness and the Implicate Order” in 1980, principles used by President Zelenskyy of Ukraine.


Had Albert Einstein been successful defending Bohm in 1949, this scientific paradigm may have replaced materialism as our world's accepted science.

Documentation Princeton University.


Regardless, it is going to happen now, because we need solutions to world problems.


A website article.

The supportive science


The science at universities like MIT is being discovered.


How to Create Events With Your Thoughts

Even NOVA and PBS recognize the beginnings of a new science.


Bohm's paradigm eliminates contradictions between science and personal human experience

Our traditional science tells us that a person's purpose is no more than to procreate to ensure the survival of our species — but many people have spiritual experiences that reveal there is far more meaning and purpose to a person's life — interpreted through their belief system.

Bohm's paradigm says we have an inner reality that forms this world and thus can include personal spiritual experiences and the possibility of thoughts creating reality — experiences which when interpreted through Bohm's science would make perfect sense.


Each action creates new probabilities

Think of probabilities as avenues of action open to you. A probability is a non-physical series of events that can become physically manifest. Each action increase the total range of probabilities open to you.

Out of one thing you do today, three more possibilities could arise. Going to the store, for example, puts you in contact with others, and the probability of interaction with each person. There is a science you can learn to create only positive events with your thoughts.

Ordinary probabilities are the things you do every day. An unusual probability could be meeting an old friend who mentions a book. Upon reading it you end up taking a new direction in life.

Unforeseen fortunate probabilities, also called synchronistic events, are triggered by your positive conscious focus and thinking in life. But the work done to create them happens at deeper levels of your own consciousness.


The more positive energy you give a desire, the more likely it is to manifest. Read this example of how to move somewhere new and/or read this next example for an understanding of how you can change probabilities to avoid a car accident.


Your beliefs must also support the possibility of having what you want. Any assumption is a belief. "Murphy's law" is a common hindering assumption held by people who say that their positive thinking does not work. In its simplest form, Murphy's Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will. You may think, "if it is something good, it is hard to get and if it is something I want, someone will try to take it from me." These are the kind of assumptions are invisible barriers to success that you want to reject and dismiss. But you need to know how to do that.

You do have free will to think what you want to think. You can change your thoughts to create what you want in life. Affirmations and imagination can move concepts in and out of your mind.

You can create your own good luck.

My daily affirmation and guidance post offers high-level training, but the ability to implement positive thinking is up to you.


Transform yourself and your life using the new science website article.


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Do thoughts form matter can thoughts create events
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A philosophy that works like MAGIC!


Locus of control

Wikipedia states: Locus of control is the degree to which people believe that they, as opposed to external forces (beyond their influence), have control over the outcome of events in their lives.

Some people believe that they are a product of everything that has and is happening to them. This is called an external locus of control. Our meritocracy creates a sense of powerlessness. Mind over matter nonlinear thinking can make you powerful or you can remain stuck in beliefs that cause all your problems.

A person who feels that their job, position, circumstances or outside forces control them has an external center. These types of people cannot manifest what they want in life.

How often and to what degree do you use willpower or other means to make things happen for you? You can will your thoughts to manifest as material events, objects and reality. Can you heal with nonlinear thinking , use conscious co-creation and solve problems the new way?

Do you know how to create a miracle, or how to be a billionaire?

Do you lock in on what you want like an archer locking in on the bullseye, or like a child who wants a new pair of sneakers? Young children intuitively feel that they control reality with their thoughts. Do you acquire your goal subjectively? Or do you have a lot of thoughts about the perceived obstacles, like not having enough money, or needing to spend money on something else?

Do you control your life in some areas, and then profess that others are impeding your freedom and ability to have what you want in life in other areas? If you have a lot of negative emotion in reaction to people that you believe are a hindrance, you have an external center. Do you even know where you form your reality? If not, you can benefit by immersing yourself in a study of the subject of manifesting thoughts into events, objects and reality.

You can remain safe in the middle of chaos and disasters. The new enlightenment will tell you if you are a good person.

Believing you are good is the secret to success. Einstein said that asking yourself if you live in a friendly universe is the most important question. If we get rid of authoritarians and the worst bullies by arresting Trump and assassinating Putin, more will show up unless we have a plan and change our psychology.

The U.S. could be ruled by a ruthless dictator, and unless we understand the cause of climate change and work to save the earth, take back our rights from the Supreme Court, radicals and their cult-like mainstream worldviews, we could be further divided and civilization in peril.

Or we can go deep to understand who we really are, our multidimensional reality and amazing nature to create world peace.

If we understand exactly exactly how mind forms matter and the brain functions through a new unifying principle, learn appreciation and gratitude, and how to affect others, and influence events, we can create a great civilization.

You can learn how to get out of a difficult situation and create anything you want. Learn how to make today the best day possible.

If you want to know what you think and believe, ask yourself what you feel. Your feelings never lie.

When you are sure of yourself, and confidence is strong, you have a greater ability to manifest what you want in life and draw positive people into your life.

When you put control of anything outside of yourself the problem of not being able to create what you want could be related to self-confidence.  You need to be confident that you can create what you want, and if you do not have this confidence you have to develop it. 

Do for others what you would like others to do for you. Be kind and the world will reflect that back in what others do for you.


To manifest anything, you must think from the end. Manifesting involves imagining the desired end result as if it were already achieved. This is often called visualizing the wish-fulfilled. When we make our imagining as real as possible and wrap them in amplified positive emotions, we get a powerful result.


Earth Network multisite (mostly science) pages

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Introduction: Einstein, Bohm and Eastwood.

Overview of the science.

C = Ef = M

Holographic reality: Events are a projection of your mind.

A new science and philosophy of life.

Why science and religion told us our thoughts do not create our

There are no solid particles.

Exactly how thoughts create reality.

Secrets of the universe unveiled — Creation is continuous.

The Altruistic Movement.

The New Enlightenment.

The world is your creation; you can have anything you want

Eastwood: Universal author and free international philosophy; lineage, true story, interview documentation.

An  Einstein-Rosen Bridge has been opened! Time travel Colorado & what it has revealed about our future.

Secret Wisdom Books by William Eastwood.

This list above represents a mere fraction of our articles, but it consists of some of our best scientific articles.

Enjoy these articles, and remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

The purpose of Earth Network books and free advice, is to provide you with all you need to know to be successful in all areas—in intellectual and spiritual knowledge, business, finance, health, love and relationships...


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The Holographic universe. The William Eastwood true story.


A lot happened when I was 12. I remember thinking I was very smart. I understood how electrons blinked on and off millions of times in a fraction of a second. When the electron was off in this dimension it was on in other dimensions. This, I understood, was the means by which multidimensionality was possible.

I also knew about climate change and how mankind was separated from his inner source reality and because of this “separation ignorance” was fighting nature rather than working with it. At age 12 I saw perfectly how the human race was headed for disaster. Being young and ready to take on the world, I set out to use my knowledge to achieve great things. I went to work. I got myself a drafting table, books on solar home design, studied buildings under construction in my neighborhood, and learned to design solar homes.


A website article.


At the time I was making excellent progress studying metaphysical principles and designing solar homes. Then, at age 13, a pivotal event I initiated catapulted me into a series of remarkable achievements.


A website article.


I remember very clearly what I did. There was a clearing behind our house where there had once been an old telephone line that had recently been taken down by American Telephone and Telegraph Company. It was a two-inch-thick spiral of copper wires in paper wrapped in lead, pieces of which could still be found on the ground. I sat down on a slope facing southeast looking over a small creek and cluster of cattails; flowers blooming and green beech, black cherry and maple tree leaves all around me.

I was awash in adolescent inspiration, dreamy and wanting to do everything. Suddenly, a future probability flashed in front of me. I saw a path. I realized what I was capable of doing with my life. The “idea” involved more than just physical actions. I also received the insight as how I would use visualization to make what I saw become a reality. I began to strategize on an intellectual level.

Within minutes I had already started the visualization. I affirmed the power of my thoughts to create my reality and with a feeling of deep certainty and confidence I pictured everything that would happen in vivid detail.

I pictured myself as being a great architect and solar inventor reducing America’s fossil fuel dependence and in the limelight. I carefully visualized all the necessary steps I would have to take going forward in time from the moment I was in to the achievement of my goals.

I was so excited that later that day I followed thought and was writing and drawing as I saw would be necessary to achieve my ambitions.


A website article.


“Within a few years my solar homes were being built in my home town. At 13 years old a Yale Professor called my mother to ask me to work on his solar invention.

As a teenager I worked on a solar invention, designed solar homes and manufactured a solarium system I designed.

I was so good at what I did that I was excused from a school classroom to bring solar home plans to a customer who came to the school. That and the newspaper article made me a celebrity.


How Can I Save the Earth Planet World Mankind Myself Everyone
A website article.


William Eastwood Entire front page and inner page of Shoreline Times December 15th 1979 Working on solar home designs already built in Madison CT
W. Eastwood public record.

Within three years I was on the entire front page of our local newspaper as The Kid with Sun in His Eyes.’

By age 18 I had a contract with the American Supply Company. At the Capitol of the constitution state the eyes of the world were on me as I unveiled a full-scale model of my modular solar system at the annual energy exposition in Hartford Connecticut.

“I was so successful applying the principle “that thoughts create” that I set my goals higher. I had something more important to do.

Read more…

The source of the physical universe

The Ancient Greeks understood the source of the physical universe was within. Western civilization believes otherwise. Until we understand what the Greeks knew we will experience turmoil and division.


Worst people in the world and why they are so cruel underlying psychology of those who are violent bullies terrorists
A website article.


William Eastwood is a political oracle, music prodigy, self-made international philosopher, researcher and new scientist, an empath, visionary and founder of the altruistic movement, a civil rights, scientific, environmental and political activist, and an author of 20 books designed to lead humanity into a new era and to help individuals live their dreams and realize their full potential.

William Eastwood is an activist helping to end global conflicts, working to stop war, and educating to bring about a world without borders.


“Enthusiasm” is a Greek word for “in God.” Live in the moment with enthusiasm.


Where science and magic begin


A website article.


A website article.


A website article.


William Eastwood Autobiography.

Unless you are tied down and have monsters eating your flesh right now, your problems are not as bad as the obstacles I overcame. I have published portions of my struggles with what is holding the human race back in my autobiography.

The story of what happened to William Eastwood and how he responded and ultimately prevailed is astounding.

From “YOU ARE ALTRUISTIC,,,” you learn that nothing is more powerful than your thoughts, not even the most powerful agencies on earth.


A websites article.


Now I live almost two miles high in the Colorado mountains and my work has evolved significantly.


A website article. website feature article.


I am blessed to be able to work in a region that is conductive to the kind of creative work I do.


Nicola Tesla.

William Eastwood is the new scientist of which Tesla was speaking when he said that “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”



William Eastwood shares future probabilities for the human race.




45 years of research goes into every book


A journey that will change your life and civilization


The value of traditional books

Every object in your environment is an extension of your energy. A physical book is a connection to the part of your inner self that "created" the book and understands the content. A book on a table next to you connects you to all those people who hold the knowledge associated with the book.

Every object around you is a holographic projection of your mind that connects you to the innermost portion of your soul that creates them.

If you want to break old patterns and habits of perception, bring powerful books into your life and remain centered on what they represent — the truth you are bringing out within yourself by having them in your presence. Once you materialize something in your life, an energy pathway continues to exist, even when the object is long-gone.

Do this a little bit at a time until everything around you speaks quality and intelligent love — the invisible infinite potential that surrounds you. That includes the qualities of prosperity, natural power, right and integrity.

Force yourself to review beneficial concepts to keep them alive in your mind. Develop a realistic positive attitude. Keep your metaphysical books open to highlighted material and review it every day. Find something important to focus on every day. Rescript yourself a little bit every day; and when you do, commit to going all the way to the new view of reality in your thinking.

If you do this faithfully, your entire reality will begin to change for the better.

Again, because this is so important, when you manifest something positive, such as a book that represents the truth and the answers you are seeking, maintain that book and whatever represents what you want in your life as best you can.  This creates an energy pathway for more of the same to come into your life. It also connects you with the author and all others who are connected to the object and/or information it represents.

This is the only way you can change the patterns in your life. If you want to materialize a better-quality physical experience, this is what you do. You bring what you want into your reality. I have done this, and I always have my favorite, most powerful books at arm's reach. I constantly review key points. You may want to create a kind of pulpit where you can keep books open to pages with highlighted text.

I urge you to buy whatever books you can comfortably afford from your favorite metaphysical authors. There are many other benefits in doing so. A purchase is an affirmation of your manifesting power and prosperity, and it is a testament of your determination to improve yourself and your life.

Practically and symbolically, correctly made purchases are extremely important, not just to you, but also to those who make these metaphysical books available to you.

As a heart pumps blood, the vacuum created in each pulse draws in more blood, and this is how energy behaves. You must give or outflow energy to receive. In religion and spirituality, this is behind the Golden Rule concept.

Your most valuable possession will always be yourself. If you do not invest in you, then you are saying that you are not important. Those who do not invest in improving themselves and their abilities, do not draw more (ability, quality, etc.) from the universe.

Learn to manifest quality and value in yourself. Learn the art and science of living a good life and manifesting what you want in life. Bring forth that which you seek.


When we awaken to our true nature, we begin to realize that we are supported and graced by an altruistic consciousness of which we are a part. When we become aware of how the universe works, we begin to notice how the universe bends in our direction and works to our advantage.

An entirely new worldview begins to set in. This is when I can help you.



45 years of research goes into every book

The books

The purpose of each of my books is to provide you with all you need to know to be successful in all areas—in intellectual and spiritual knowledge, business, finance, health, love and relationships.




By purchasing through (above) you get these books DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER and cut out the middleman! — most reliable source — fastest delivery — lowest price.



William Eastwood science articles


Introduction: Einstein, Bohm and Eastwood.

Overview of the science.

C = Ef = M

Holographic reality: Events are a projection of your mind.

A new science and philosophy of life.

Why science and religion told us our thoughts do not create our

There are no solid particles.

Exactly how thoughts create reality.

Secrets of the universe unveiled — Creation is continuous.

The Altruistic Movement.

The New Enlightenment.

The world is your creation; you can have anything you want

Eastwood: Universal author and free international philosophy; lineage, true story, interview documentation.

An  Einstein-Rosen Bridge has been opened! Time travel Colorado & what it has revealed about our future.

Secret Wisdom Books by William Eastwood.


THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: The William Eastwood True Story

© Copyright 2021, 2022, By: William Eastwood


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