This book is the most practical and focused of all his books. There are less words, but I like it because it lacks fluff and has only what you need to know. It’s helped me survive a pretty bad situation, and I may be coming out of it for good. I recommend you get this book if you want good to-the-point advice for solving difficult problems and overall guidance and help, but don’t have a lot of money to spend.



This is the kind of book you can’t put down. This is not for shallow thinkers, yet it’s not a hard read either, which makes it quite an achievement. I started thinking more productively and making money the same day I read it. It’s a self-transformation book. I think this one is going to be on the best sellers list when it’s discovered. It changes what you believe possible because it’s a paradigm shifter.



Reading it was like going down a rabbit hole and coming out in a new reality with my dreams within my reach for the first time. All Eastwood’s books are good, but this “manifesting dreams” book is truly an amazing and extensive read. The last part of this book was a bonus that gave me a look into the underlying reasons for bullying and social issues as only Eastwood can. A good guide to eliminate victimization in all its forms. His suggestion that legislators should read it is a very insightful point to stress since it can heal social problems in an unexpected revolutionary way.


Eastwood’s first book goes deep into the mind’s cause of problems and how the world’s mess is completely unnecessary. It’s helped me to avoid a lot of difficulty in life and has also enabled me to better understand and help others. It offers an unconventional picture of reality that leaves you satisfied afterwards. I think the schools should require every student to read this book. It would change our society if they did.