Thoughts Form Matter & Consciousness Creates Reality: The Holographic Universe

Your thoughts can and do form matter. Holographic reality explains how consciousness creates reality.

Eastwood 1979 interview Thoughts create matter author
Eastwood interview in 1979.

Eastwood worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. “My study and 45 years of research shows that intensity, conditions and other factors determine when your thoughts become matter.”



Do thoughts form matter?

What do you think?

Is it possible that thoughts form matter?

Is it possible that thoughts form matter — that everything we were taught may be false? If you do not already know the answer to that question, find out for yourself.  Test the principles in your own life. You have nothing to lose by doing so and the world to gain if it proves true

Do your thoughts form matter?

Do your thoughts form matter? Does consciousness create reality? What is the holographic universe? Open minded woman wonders
Find out for yourself if thoughts form matter.



Helping you to create the life you want.



Americans and people in all nations need to wake up from their sleep.”

— William Eastwood.


The world is in a trance, under an unnecessary collective hypnosis.



Reality is a projection

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that our physical reality is a projection of the brain and five senses.


How you are creating a three-dimensional movie—your life

Thoughts form matter: A virtual reality headset
Virtual reality headset.

Imagine that in your living room you put on a holographic headset. At the click of a switch, you seem to no longer be in your living room.

Your senses are now telling you that you are actually on a tropical beach. As you reach down to touch the imaginary sand, sensor pads in gloves you are wearing give the sensation of pressure on your fingers.

This is an analogy to explain the purpose of your body and brain. Your body and brain are like a holographic headset that allows you to perceive a 3D movie you call your life.

You are not moving through time and space from birth to death―THAT IS THE PROJECTION YOU ARE CREATING.

If you do not see the objects behind you, they do not exist physically. There is a field of infinite probabilities behind you. When you turn to see what is there, you collapse one specific probability from an infinite range of probable events.


“Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions specify which probability will collapse into apparent matter.


  1. There is no singular, one-world time-line.
  2. You do not progress in a linear manner within time from birth to death.
  3. You are not a three-dimensional self moving through three-dimensional world from birth to death.
  4. You and the world do not exist that way.

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Seven points to create effectively

  1. Follow your bliss.
  2. Focus on the end result you are after.
  3. Understand reality and apply conscious creation principles correctly.
  4. Do not let things happen to you, go out and make things happen.
  5. Make whatever you want, something you have to do.
  6. Be determined, persistent and do not stop.
  7. Apply co-creation principles (work with your inner self).

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“Our civilization must be based on a single scientific paradigm everyone can agree on in order to heal division and function properly.

“But it has to be the right science”

— William Eastwood.



Eastwood gives you advanced concepts BASED ON THE RIGHT SCIENCE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO USE in simple and easy to understand free articles and powerful books.


“These are the natural methods by which we are meant to create what we want in life.” — William Eastwood.





Nicola Tesla.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”




William Eastwood is the author of C = Ef = M

A website article.


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein thoughts create matter physical illusion

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

― Albert Einstein.



Thoughts form matter presents: Time and space illusion
A website article.


Founder of Internal Science and International Philosophy

“Only internal changes will save the human race from further difficulty. When we change over to the natural methods of achieving goals and solving problems based on the paradigm of Internal Science, we will be able to solve the problems we are experiencing in the world today.”

— William Eastwood.


“Our traditional beliefs about human nature create a downward spiral of thinking and behavior. However, as more and more people realize what is happening and abandon those beliefs, they begin climbing. Everything then changes in their lives.”

— Eastwood.



“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.”

Bernard d’Espagnat, a top theoretical physicist.


What does that statement mean?

It means that your consciousness is connected to physical objects. You can attract wealth, money, love, health or anything you want with the simple principles given in  our free articles and books. I created these books to provide simple and easy to understand principles anyone and everyone can use to improve their life. These books all make your goals easy to achieve.




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Reality is interactive

This article explains how you create your reality in the same way you experience virtual reality when you wear a virtual reality headset.

Thoughts form matter presents: You can have anything you want in life.
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After achieving his goal to help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and graduating as an environmental solar technician by age 18, Eastwood began to do something even more important for humanity.


A public record of Eastwood’s interview at age 16 is available for you to read here.

It is also available to you through the United States library system microfilm database.


“I am not saying that the brain constructs an approximation of the physical world—I am saying that the mind and brain create an individual hologram that correlates with the hologram others are creating so that we think we are in one physical universe.

“I connect the old science paradigm to world problems so that when you visit my sites or read any of my twenty books you see exactly how the previous science paradigm is creating those problems.

“Because I give real examples in this way, it is not so easy to discount the new Internal Science paradigm.”

—William Eastwood

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The Internal Science paradigm of William Eastwood.




Americans and people in all nations need to wake up from their sleep.”

— William Eastwood


To those who insist on the old belief systems and feel threatened by the new science I say, “I didn’t create the problems in the world today.”


I am offering the world something that actually works

William Eastwood on world problems and climate change
Eastwood today.

When it comes to solving world problems, the more conventional approaches don’t work — they are what got us into trouble in the first place. I am offering something different that will stop violence, division, unhappiness, illness, and will create peace and prosperity.






Thoughts form matter presents William Eastwood International Philosophy a force for good in the world.
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Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your reality.





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The Altruism Code and International Philosophy as a set represent a personal and social means to transition

“Go beyond common belief and join me on the next level.”

— William Eastwood.

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The ALTRUISM CODE is the legal basis of a new civilization.The altruism code which originated with William Eastwood, lays the foundation of human altruism in law. “Consciousness is altruistic and consciousness can change our world.” — William Eastwood.

This books lays out everything you will need to know to be safe and to go to the next level.


Civilization is in transition. Great sweeping changes will take place. If you take this path you will not be adversely affected. We will be creating a new civilization.

“The Altruism Code – Your Protection” — A Constitution for a new civilization





The Altruism Code

A constitution for individuals, groups, regions and nations.

Altruism Code - Your Protection by William Eastwood thoughts create matter mind



SOMETHING NEW: International Philosophy

“The people of earth need a global philosophy everyone can agree on to unite humanity and to bring about the vast potential of our civilization and all its individual members, but it has to be easy to understand and it has to be practical.” — William Eastwood.


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International Philosophy book by William Eastwood on Thoughts Create Form Matter
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External science

America may be the most affluent country in the world, reaping the benefits of modern science, yet what has that done for us? Americans are the least happy people, the most heavily medicated and divided people on earth. Why?

It is because America has an External Science, but no Internal Science. External science is the science you know that most of us grew up with. It is a science of exterior reality. It does not tell us how to be happy or how to use our thoughts to create what we want in life because it does not comprehend that we form our life on inner levels of consciousness according to our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

There are a lot of things that traditional science could not explain that can be understood through the lens of Internal Science.


Does consciousness create reality?

Yes, consciousness does create reality. Consciousness creates reality by becoming what it projects. Your environment and the events you project in life are a holographic projection of your consciousness. Your body is composed of your consciousness as is your environment

Internal Science confirms personal spiritual experiences

Our traditional science tells us that a person’s purpose is no more than to procreate to ensure the survival of our species — but many people have spiritual experiences that reveal there is far more meaning and purpose to a person’s life — interpreted through their belief system.

Bohm’s / Eastwood’s paradigm says we have an inner reality that forms this world and thus can include personal spiritual experiences and the possibility of thoughts creating reality — experiences which when interpreted through Bohm’s science would make perfect sense.

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that our reality is a holographic projection of the mind.

Bohm’s science suggests an inner source reality, and the possibility of a multidimensional framework of existence in which our reality is grounded and created.

Bohm explains that the empty space in the universe contains the whole of everything by introducing the concepts of the “implicate order” and “explicate order”. The entire universe exists first as an inner energy of unlimited potential. From an inner world of pure information and probable events, David Bohm says, the physical, observable phenomena unfold.

This unfolding of the explicate order from the subtle realm of the implicate order is regulated on inner levels of the mind according to what is believed by the conscious mind.

Bohm called everything — both the implicate order and the explicate order together — the holomovement.


Eastwood employs Bohm’s paradigm to solve world problems.


A website article.


“The most beautiful experiences in your life have happened because you created them. Our eyes project the ideas we form from energy into the grid of physical reality.”

—William Eastwood.


“What flashes on the world stage is constructed by each individual by their own five senses, yet it is highly tuned to what others are projecting, so much so that it appears to be one independent reality everyone is viewing.”

—William Eastwood.

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How do I create what I want in life?

To change any element of your life, you must change your thinking. Altering the mind alters your life. There is no other way to change your personal reality.

We project our thoughts onto the screen of life and then are forced to live within the manifestation of our belief system. If there are elements within your life that you dislike, change your thoughts in that area and those elements will change.

You weave in and out of probabilities constantly as your thoughts and emotions change.


Your thoughts do form matter

Holographic reality explains why people get stuck in their own world. Because their thoughts are projected into events, they become utterly convinced that they are correct in their assumptions. If they knew that their thoughts formed matter, they could understand this principle of being fooled by one’s own projection, but until they accept the fact that their thoughts form matter, they are usually unable to do so.

Instead, for most people, the thought that their thoughts do not form matter is projected into events and the apparent evidence in their life.

The idea that, “Your thoughts do not form your reality” is the fallacy.



45 years of research has been put into a collection of powerful world-changing books that show you how to use Internal Science to create what you want in life.



Thank You

I thank everyone that has made contributions, and those who have purchased books. I would not have been able to do it without you!




Written for Earth Network by William Eastwood.


Have you been told the truth?




The most important thing to know in life

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Thoughts form matter introduces William Eastwood International Philosophy to change the world.
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William Eastwood’s interview is in the U.S. library system public record. It is in a PDF and visual format available to you by following the link above. You can also contact a branch of the United States library and ask for a microfilm record of an article on William Eastwood in the Connecticut Shore Line Times newspaper published in 1979 for proof and authentication. 



Since I was 12, it was always my dream…

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Did you know that there are huge changes taking place on the earth at this time?



The human species is going through existential changes!

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Did you volunteer for life and something amazing?
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Thoughts form matter presents: Time and space illusion
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You can become younger right now

It is possible to become younger in this moment.” — William Eastwood.

All time is simultaneous. Through emotional association we can activate cellular memory playback of times when we are young. This is because the past is still alive. To the body consciousness it is a condition of nowness.

You can also activate cellular memory by means of willpower and dream recall.

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Thoughts form matter presents: The means for you to become younger.
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W.E. manifesting in paradise.
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