What is Ecocide? The International Environmental Crime of Climate Destruction

What is Ecocide? What is the international environmental crime climate destruction

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What is Ecocide? The International Environmental Crime of Climate Destruction

  • What is Ecocide?
  • What is the international environmental crime of climate destruction?

I will answer these questions now.

What is Ecocide?

Ecocide refers to the process of environmental or ecological destruction. Ecocide, however, is increasingly being referred to as a crime of environmental destruction. As such, it is a powerful weapon to help stop climate change and climate destruction.

STOP ECOCIDE is a movement to make ecocide a crime. Ecocide means extensive damage and destruction of ecosystems. Ecocide is a form of extreme harm to nature which is widespread or enduring. Ecocide is a primary cause of the climate crisis that we now face.

“Ecocide” is what responsible world leaders are proposing as an international crime of climate destruction. Every day, the cumulative effect of carbon emissions and acts of climate destruction, are more difficult to reverse. We are in a climate emergency. We need activism and leadership that will fight the problem with the same level of resolve that Volodymyr Zelensky demonstrates against Russian aggression.

The definition and meaning of ecocide as a crime is being formally decided in the Hauge.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was formed in 2002 to prosecute crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. In December of 2021, the ICC introduced a fifth international crime.

An ecocide law panel formed in 2020 to define the proposed crime for the ICC. This collection of experts define ecocide as “unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts.”

The crime of ecocide — currently being drafted by top international criminal and environment lawyers and legal scholars from around the world — would be a substantial deterrent and force to stop climate destruction. If widespread ecological assault continues, the planet will fast become uninhabitable.

Climate destruction is a catastrophic threat to human survival — your survival. Leaders, individuals and groups are increasingly calling on the ICC to hold those who commit crimes against the environment criminally responsible for the crimes of ecocide. Lawsuits can be filed against governments for inaction. If you are young, your life is in danger, and this gives you the right to sue governments, entities or persons responsible.

In America, and around the world, youth and young voters especially, must demand action to stop climate destruction. Voice your opinion and take a stand against climate deniers in the Republican Party and in conservative thinking.

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What is the international environmental crime of climate destruction?

Pope Francis, French President Emmanuel Macron, and a growing number of world leaders have proposed making environmental acts of destruction an international crime of “ecocide.” Nations must take action now to stop climate destruction. The International Criminal Court (ICC) must intervene to stop the burning of the Amazon, egregious corporate ecological crimes and other acts causing climate destruction.

A two-thirds majority is all that is needed in December of 2022 Assembly of States Parties (ASP) to proceed to conference. Once the law is adopted, a small number of powerful nations most responsible for carbon emissions will lack the veto power that has traditionally enabled them to continue polluting.

Huge corporations and powerful nations alike — Exxon, BP, Chevron and Shell, the U.S., and China, for example — will be within the court’s jurisdiction and thus indictable for their traditionally reckless crimes against the earth.

As fast as environmental acts of destruction become an international crime of “ecocide,” the earth is warming, and the Amazon is burning. Public pressure on governments and courts is necessary to accelerate legal proceedings. When oxygenated healthy air is replaced by heat, acid and toxins, our atmosphere will make human habitation on earth impossible. Ocean rise will cover major cities, life in the seas will die, land-based food production will be so hindered, entire nations will starve to death. Economies will collapse, conflicts will escalate, our planet will die, and so will our civilization.

The alternative is to take fast and effective action that will result in a future world of incredible beauty — a healthy planet, paradise on earth, abundance and prosperity for all.

There is a possibility to change probabilities as a last resort measure. I explained how this is done with a personal example in an article about a book I am working on titled, “A World Without Borders: One Planet and People”


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The earth is a living organism. We are to the earth as cells are to the human body. If you had cancer in your body, you would want that cancer removed. We will soon have international laws to stop climate destruction. The international ecocide crime of climate destruction will stop large corporations and nations from destroying our environment.


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Act now to prevent climate destruction.

If we accept new science, we will uncover the cause of climate destruction and will understand our connection to the earth. Our myths arising out of a primitive science are responsible for climate destruction and resulting ocean level rise. The problem is linked to conscious evolution.

You may be in danger if you do not understand the underlying myths generating world problems.

Behavior is a product of our worldview and resulting thoughts and decisions; therefore, climate destruction is a product of man’s thinking. The reason for climate change and global warming is at the core, a psychological matter.


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What is Ecocide? The International Environmental Crime of Climate Destruction

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