What is the Altruistic Movement? Altruistic, Autonomous Philosophy & William Eastwood


What is the Altruistic Movement? Altruistic, Autonomous Philosophy & William Eastwood

Altruistic, Autonomous Philosophy.

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Why don’t scientists believe thoughts form matter?

Many top physicists do know that thoughts forms matter

It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.


Max Planck.

Max Planck, Nobel PrizeWinner: “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” — The Observer, 1/25/1931


Max Tegmark of MIT

Click on the “Max Tegmark of MIT” button below to see current official confirmation from a respected physicist in the scientific community that matter is a state of consciousness.

Consciousness is a State of Matter: MIT

The official scientific establishment as a whole does not want to admit consciousness creates matter. There is a reason why.

Early scientific instruments could not measure consciousness or quantum activity. Scientists could not prove or disprove anything about consciousness, and so they eventually assumedconsciousness had nothing to do with bottom-rung reality, without proving it did not. Eventually science as a whole took the official stance that consciousness had nothing to do with bedrock reality.

To go against the materialistic view that was adopted by the world is to threaten the entire worldview and authority of science.

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“Few realize mind forms matter because the worldview of educators, the legal and medical establishment, media and society, is based on the consensus that comes from the bias scientific establishment rather than individual physicists.

Do Your Thoughts Form Matter?

C = Ef - EQUATION: Origin and Meaning


You can get lost trying to understand consciousness by reading scientific articles. I offer links to some excellent scientific studies as a courtesy to you only. I know in simple terms that the physical world is a projection we each create with our own consciousness. If four people enter a room there are four rooms. I figured that out over four decades ago.

Consciousness is irreducible and is both individualized and part of an unbroken field. Quantum mechanics is the study of that field of energy. Your consciousness has very deep, eternal meaning that cannot be measured with a ruler, and so all scientific studies will miss that part of the picture.

All consciousness is of an equal, amazingly high grade; and just so you know, your personality and individuality will never be lost. Who you are will survive death. I am not a religious person, because I will add that you are also good, and most religions will say you are evil.

Ignorance is separation from truth and it is the closest thing there is to evil. Our civilization has been based on separation from truth for centuries and we therefore do not even know where we come from! That shows just how ignorant we are.

The whole of civilization has been reading reality backwards for thousands of years. You can’t understand reality by looking at the physical world because that world is a consciousness hologram that you are creating. If you follow most scientists they will just get you more confused.

I provide hundreds of articles in plain English, and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand any of it. Use your heart and intuition. All knowledge is within you, and you are a portion of the Divine consciousness that forms everything. You are forever safe and loved, and this will never change, not for a billion years.

For those who are interested I often begin my articles with some science because it is important to use your intellect. For something to be true it must make sense to you both intellectually and intuitively.


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Consciousness is a State of Matter: MIT

What is altruism and autonomy?

  • Altruism is your goodness.
  • Autonomy is your right to free will and self determination based on recognition of your goodness.

What does the altruistic and autonomous movement give you?

  • The simple recognition that you are a good person.
  • The right to do what you want.
  • Less restriction and more help from others.
  • The ability to create and live your dreams.

Why should you the reader care about the altruistic, autonomous movement?

  • Do you want complete freedom based on the simple recognition that you are a good person?
  • Do you want to live an authentic life that expresses who you really are?
  • Do you want to do away with all restriction from within and without?
  • Do you want natural power?

The altruistic, autonomous movement is based on the idea that human nature is good rather than bad, and that therefore everyone deserves certain liberties and the right to pursue and achieve happiness in life.

How would you know if you are altruistic?

If you want what is good for yourself and others you are an altruist. And we know you do because that is the nature of the consciousness you are.

Any contrary behavior is based on false beliefs which are superficial, applied from without and are a result of inherited myth.

Nature & Characteristics of Consciousness

How do I (William Eastwood) know that you (the reader) are altruistic?

Now that we know that everything in the universe is composed of consciousness, we can redefine ourselves and the universe itself as altruistic because that is the nature of all consciousness.

  • The consciousness that forms us and the universe is altruistic.
  • Every person and aspect of reality is composed of the same high-grade consciousness.

This is my main message to humanity and what I set out to convey in my first organization.

Original effort

In 2000, I, William Eastwood founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc., in Connecticut, USA (PDF: Proof of Inc). This initial attempt was crushed by an established institution with the opposite view, although the effort continued and has become increasingly successful.

Everything from bullying to tyranny come from the opposite premise

  • All advances in human history are based on a belief in human goodness.
  • Every form of cruelty and tyranny are based on the opposite.
  • Every revolution in history was its own altruistic, autonomous movement.

Where do your freedom & rights come from?

  • Your rights come from recognition of your goodness.
  • Recognition of your goodness is an enlightenment.
  • The original enlightenment led to the formation of the America.

The American Constitution, the industrial revolution and all the truly great movements in human history, such as the Emancipation Proclamation, are shifts toward greater belief in human altruism and thus the right to autonomy (self-government or self-determination).

The Altruistic, Autonomous Movement philosophy is the philosophy of our founding fathers, and the basic tenets of democracy and liberty.

Painting by John Trumbull.
What is The New Enlightenment?

The New Enlightenment

The New Enlightenment is the awareness and ownership of your goodness and power, also called the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement or philosophy. Collectively it represents the success of civilization and the future of humanity.

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Are you powerful and free?

•Altruism is your goodness.
•Autonomy is your right to free will and self determination based on recognition of your goodness.



The Old Enlightenment

Martin Luther and the 17th century Enlightenment Movement gave us our modern world. The original Enlightenment led to the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the unprecedented liberties that we now take for granted in the USA.

The New Enlightenment

The NEW Enlightenment is an extension of the original Enlightenment and is only getting started now . Learn more.

Painting by John Trumbull.

Altruistic Movement Redirect Civilization

A New Institution to Heal the World

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

— Albert Einstein

Earth Change Predictions By William Eastwood


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The United States of America is part of an altruist movement. The altruistic, autonomous movement is the advancement of humanity and EN is humanity.

Earth Network (EN) is by definition, the people of the world advancing themselves by recognizing their goodness and right to autonomy.

Democracy, as an example, is great because it is a higher level of autonomy.

What the Altruistic, autonomous movement is not

  • Something you join like a club or elite organization.
  • Something that brings privileged membership.
  • Something exclusive to a privileged few.

Everyone that recognizes their goodness and demands autonomy is part of the global movement of humanity itself.


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As practical as our founding father’s philosophy& intent

According to the Declaration of Independence, men are equal in their unalienable liberties.

The US Constitution and the altruist movement are based on the idea that human nature is good rather than bad, and that therefore everyone deserves certain liberties and the right to pursue and achieve happiness in life.

The constitution makes the individual under its protection powerful and free. The New Enlightenment—the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement—is conscious evolution. Knowledge is power and the ability and right to have what you want and desire in life without shame or apology.

Prior to enlightenment

Mainstream beliefs prior to the Age of Enlightenment in Europe were much darker. There was basically one belief system and it was dictated to the masses by the Church of England. The primary view was of a sinful and untrustworthy human. In general, life on earth was believed to be punishment for sins.

With the advent of The Age of Enlightenment, the world breaks free of this dark era and the grip of degrading beliefs. We can largely credit Martin Luther for breaking free from that era and hence bringing about the original enlightenment.

The U.S. is currently divided

Darwinism has cleaved to early beliefs in a sinful self, hence producing a dark mainstream conviction in human unworthiness. This regression is behind the Trump nightmare. This Altruistic, Autonomous Movement is an attempt to help the world break free of hindering false beliefs.

Please read the authoritarian article to understand the underlying cause of all violence and bullying in our society.

The basis of a new civilization

This movement to recognize the true nature of consciousness marks the beginning of a philosophy of human goodness on which to base a new civilization.

Earth network logo

Based on my book, “The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want,” I outline the requirements for a new civilization.

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Knowledge expands your consciousness and empowers you. But you must understand, own and use the power you have correctly.

It is not enough to know that your thoughts create your reality, you must learn the methods!


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